Wednesday, November 11, 2015


It comes highly recommended, yet I've never experienced what is a great coffee shop with an active and professional vibe.

The route was along the Indian Creek Trail from the Greenbelt Metro making for a beautiful fall ride without the hoopla of motor vehicles.

The morning was cool, but the sun warmed us up on the way back.  Just a fantastic #coffeeneuring ride.

  1. Vigilante Coffee Company 
  2. Saturday 2015-Oct-31 
  3. Pour over and Espresso
  4. Although I may not look excited, I was trying to act modest on the selfie.  
  5. About 6.3 there and 6.1 back (due to starting out on the Hyattsville Trolley Trail).  
  6. I tried something I haven't, but I also see they have El Ocaso Columbia for sale too.  A must visit with bike racks across the street from the entrance.   
Oh, and of course this place has long been discovered.   

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