Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Fixed the Problem

This is one intersection I'm glad is still blocked by snow.   Impatient drivers find it necessary to drive on the shoulder to make a right-on-red.  Although the lane configuration was never designed for this, everyone seems to find it necessary to drive off the pavement (in the mud sometimes) and within inches of sideswiping vehicles stopped to make a left turn, just to save a minute.  Thanks snow for fixing the problem!  This should not be two lanes, and when the snow was piled up on the shoulder, the intersection became calm and useable once again.

How people usually drive.
Photo with snow blocking the excess pavement.

Although this fixes the vehicle turn problem temporarily, a permanent solution would include building a curb and sidewalk here, removing the excess pavement to prevent people from attempting to squeeze by on the right, and so people walking from the bus stop have a safe way into the neighborhood.

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