Coffeeneuring 2017

Ride 1

Fri Oct 13th:  A simple ride from Dunkin' Donuts (Montpelier Rd, Laurel) back to work.  Gotta love the campus bikes!   As with all rides starting or returning to campus, we usually need to take a longer route in order to savor the day, get a little more exercise and of course, ensure we satisfy rule #7.

This is a trike (although you can't see the two wheels and the large basket in the rear) and has a lovely beverage holder.

Ride 2

Fri Oct 20th: Not too much different from last week, but this time with Bharat riding my trek 520 I had at work while I zoomed around on my beater bike.   This trip took us to nearby Chick-fil-A (Johns Hopkins Rd), of course, we had to take an extra long route to get there, ensuring we rode the full 2 miles.   

Ride 3

Sat Oct 21st:  A much longer ride, close to 20 miles for me (8+ miles for Bharat), riding all the way from home and back on my annual pilgrimage (by bicycle) to Nagadi Coffee.   Of course, I visit Nagadi much more often, usually using an inferior form of transportation.  

I found a few surprises on today's ride (sorry no photos).  One is the well known, but unmarked shortcuts between Sligo Creek and GA Ave where it was recently repaved.   Previously, even though it was shorter than a 1/4 mile (like cutting through someone's backyard), some stretches were so bumpy the bike just rattled and I hated riding it.   I'm grateful these repairs have been made.

Some early morning photos at US-29/Northwest Branch where I will meet up with my co-coffeeneur

Oh, I think this was the first chilly morning of the year -- had all my fall warm gear out!

Of course, it's the perfect shot of espresso at Nagadi!   
Dialed in shot.

Caught you enjoying a cappuccino!

Ride 4

Fri Oct 27th: The Starbucks at Harris Teeter (Guildford Rd, Columbia, MD) about 6.8 roundtrip miles. It was a nice ride, and there was a nice bench outside where we sat and watched motor vehicles come and go.   I even wrote about one special vehicle.

I thought the colors were beginning to look good, but this photo doesn't do justice.
It's cool looking pavement, though.
Just me riding along. Note the crooked helmet. 
While Bharat road on,  I just had to photograph this beautiful ornamental grass. 

Ride 5

Fri Nov 3rd: A trip to the other Dunkin' Donuts (Ice Crystal Dr) in the area (this one down off MD-216) requiring us to ride through Maple Lawn, a nice, calm, planned residential with some businesses.  Ok, all is nice and calm till you need to ride through two or three dual-lane roundabouts on a state highway, crossing a,     wait for it,     state highway.    I showed Bharat how I do it, as this is the first part of my commute home.   Hint, part of it is on sidewalk, but only after the second circle.  All said, about 5 miles round-trip.

Here's the quick photo collage. 

You'll notice Bharat had his own bike, and I love my beater bike for these shorter outings.

Ride 6

Tue Nov14th: A little coffee outside on the north end of campus.  The goal, check out the new pavilion, which if you look at last year's coffeeneuring write-up, includes a photo after the fire.  Ooops, forgot the photo of the rebuilt facility.  After a visit to the pavilion, all roads go up, including the 1/2 mile of grueling hill to the campus water tower.  Let me tell you it's not easy on these cruisers with only 3 gears.  All totaled just at 2 miles, but it was enough for me.   

Another leisurely ride on campus bike share.

Or is it? the race is on!

Ride 7

Thu Nov 16: Sidamo Coffee, Maple Lawn, 3.9 miles. Had the Yirgacheffe, and it was beautiful after all the "regular" coffee at our previous stops.  The best part was sitting outside in Nov without a jacket!    

A Fantastic Finish!

Thank you Mary for managing this awesome challenge!

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