Sunday, October 25, 2015

Around home with a pair of kids

Today the kids and I hooked up the trail-a-bike to my old Specialized for some home-brewed tea.   The kids took turns test riding after frequent minor adjustments were made.   Dad got a decent workout as the kids wanted to go down the steep hills around the neighborhood.   The kids got really excited when we headed downhill and the cool wind blew through their hair.  

  1. Coffeeneuring without walls 
  2. Saturday 2015-Oct-24 
  3. Herbal Tea 
  4. Although one kid likes to lean and look around, the same kid is also strong enough to make a difference on the uphills.   The other kids is very well balanced but chooses not to work so hard.     
  5. About 2.1 miles total riding.  
  6. Hope it counts!

A stop for some tea and adjustments -- and a cool down for dad who always seemed to have a racing pulse on the return leg.

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