Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Family Outing

Today's ride was an attempt to see if my kids could ride the distance (and manage the longer, yet gradual elevation changes) necessary to get them to all the local shops.   Without a doubt, the boy managed with flying colors.  The girl decided today she would enjoy the ride instead of "work".   Either way it turned out to be a spectacular morning to be out with the family.
Just too beautiful a day!

We made it!  What a fun Breakfast!
  1. Burger King 
  2. Saturday 2015-Nov-08 
  3. A Regular Coffee
  4. This was a family ride with support in the form of runners.     
  5. About 4.6 mi round trip   
  6. Another attempt to keep the family friendly theme interweaved throughout this years event.  

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