Thursday, November 23, 2017

Better Routes to Schools - Courtesy Delegate Eric Luedtke

Do I want better routes to walk and bike to schools? Yes!   Moreover, I want better routes for getting to the stores, to work, and to school.       

Here Del. Eric Luedtke stands near MD108 in Olney (video published in Aug 2017).   Both Sherwood HS and Sherwood ES are close by, but without a safe way to get to school, due to no sidewalks or bike paths, the students must get there either by bus or car.  Del. Luedtke states that there are a number of schools around the state in this situation and he would like to hear from you.      

Which schools have this problem?  

Tell him about your school.   What is preventing you from getting to/from school on foot or bicycle?  

Please feel free to comment here or send email directly to Del. Luedtke.   


 List of Schools

  1. Burtonsville ES, Burtonsville MD
    • MD198 poses crossing problem
    • No sidewalks between US29 and School along MD198
    • No bike parking at the school

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