Friday, October 27, 2017

I'm too important for a parking space!

Here's what must have run through this drivers mind.
I need to pick up my takeout, and I'm in a hurry.   Instead of parking in one of the open spaces that would take me an extra ten seconds, I thought I might just park here which is right in front of a stop sign, on a crosswalk, and a pinch point for people trying to get in and out of the parking lot. It's OK, my time is way more important than the 20 vehicles that had to maneuver around me and probably wait 10-15 seconds before they could pass in the single file lane I left for them.

My license plate is from Maryland:
    A 5812
And I drive a nice white Mercedes.
Harris Teeter at Eden Brook Dr and Guilford Rd. in Howard County MD (2017/10/27)
 Have a nice day.

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