Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's the start of Coffeeneuring!!

With the Kids!

Yes it was wet, no it was not raining. 
(Ok a little mist in the air that the kids didn't seem to mind.)

We Made it to Nagadi Coffee.

Josue making a pour over with beans from Brazil.

The rollout

Excellent bike control today on the downhills.

  1. Nagadi Coffee
  2. Saturday 2015-Oct-03
  3. A good cup of coffee
  4. Details, details, it was hilly for the kids.  Not sure how much they will do, but will attempt a couple more with them.  It was bike friendly since we stayed on quiet streets and parked close to get the minimal distance.  
  5. 2 miles total
  6. A good cup of coffee, of course.  If you have a chance to visit, Felix and Josue are the best hosts at the "lab" where they primarily focus on the roasting.  The Saturday opening (8-11am) is for you to come out and taste what they are doing.     

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