Friday, May 22, 2015

New Page Debut

Unfortunately, today, I'm creating a new page entitled "Poor Decisions".   Mainly, I'm listing uncomfortable moments I've experienced on a bike, especially since these items cannot be acted on by police unless they witness it themselves.

Why don't we have an avenue to report people who are aggressive or distracted?   I can't even report them even when I can positively identify the person, vehicle, time, location, etc.   Additional witnesses, I'm told, won't change the way police operate in Montgomery County MD.

I used to love to commute by bicycle, I used to love to ride in the country, but why am experiencing an almost daily failure for people to make good and safe decisions when they drive.   I would like to enjoy bicycling to work or to the store again.   Please help and drive safely and respectfully around bicycles.  Please contact your local and state representatives and let them know you want protected bike lanes in your community and on your state roads to separate traffic and reduce conflicts between bicycles and motor vehicles.  

Until safe bicycle facilities exist, I'll just add to this page and document my experiences with people who've made poor decisions.

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