Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make it Human Friendly

While driving some local roads, I thought about this blog's topic.   The current title, "Make It Bikeable" encompasses what I believe to be the most critical infrastructure improvement that can be made in our area.   But honestly, it's narrowly focused.

Today's streets are unsafe for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers alike.    What we need are streets designed to be safe for all users.   This means that streets are engineered so that all users can progress without conflict.

Merging lanes with unclear signs, streets with no accommodations for bicycles, sidewalks barely wide enough for a baby stroller all lead to conflicts with other humans.    Humans make mistakes and poor decisions and where there is an unclear or poorly designed facility, conflict will occur. 

Here is a blog entry I came across as I was researching the possibility of a new title for this site:

I believe all states and municipalities have the resources and responibility to create human friendly infrastructure. 

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