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People riding bicycles are vulnerable, we cannot wait for a "fender-bender" to cite a driver. A car that brushes a bicycle or person on the bike will likely severely injure the person. A scratch or dent on a car is not the same as a broken leg, collar bone, head injury or death.  Anyone who chooses to operate their motor vehicle unsafely around people riding bicycles is negligent and should be cited before injury or death is caused. A database should be built to track people who repeatedly operate unsafely around bicyclists. This database in conjunction with stricter laws protecting the vulnerable road users (including pedestrians and bicyclists) is necessary to change the current culture and behavior.        



  • 2021-09-27 08:01
    • Gray Honda CRV (state unknown)  [letter]2476 ? 
    • Thanks for stopping for these pedestrians. NOT!


  • 2021-09-22 07:58
    • White Lexus RX MD 2EP8697

    • Speeds through neighborhood streets, I've seen going 35-45 in front of my house which is posted 25mph. 
    • My son said as the driver came over the hill and saw people walking, she actually sped up. 
    • I was able to give a stern warning to the driver only b/c someone else had backed out of their driveway and blocked the whole road, thankfully.   
    • This has been going on for over a year, and I've never been able to catch her since she drives so fast.  By the time I hear the speeding car coming down my street, I run out and they are gone around the corner.  
  • Also today, I don't know who, but a black Scion with some identifying stickers on the back blew through the crosswalk before I completed even getting to the middle.  The photo is captured from a video (I always have my camera rolling but didn't have it pointed up until I flipped around) to see who was roaring behind me as I freaked out.  
    • Drivers, you need to wait until I've cleared the intersection before moving over the cross walk.  Come walk with me and see why.

  • 2019-03-26 08:15
    •  Champagne Nissan Altima
    • Honked at me to speed up in a school zone at Fairland Elementary 
    • Passed me on the right shoulder as I was normally accelerating on Briggs Chaney Rd right after we both made a left from the light that just turned green for us. 
    •  Didn’t make it to much faster than me to the old Columbia Pike in your section, which is where this photo comes from. 
    • MD 3DM6895

  • 2015-05-22 18:00 
    • Dark colored, older model 2-door Honda Accord (plates from FL) with dark tinted windows who lives at 14312 Perrywood Dr, Burtonsville, MD 20866
    • you decided to pass me on southbound Old Columbia Pike just before the Perrywood Drive roundabout as you pulled and raced right into oncoming traffic all while I was taking the lane so you wouldn't pass as the shoulder was disappearing.

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