Monday, April 30, 2012

Burtonsville Crossroads Neighborhood Plan Update

The Burtonsville Crossroads Neighborhood Plan  was presented to the East County Citizens Advisory Board on April 11, 2012  ( and the draft is available on the website. 

After reading through, I'm not entirely satisfied with the connectivity plan.   I didn't see anything that completed the connection (via walking/biking paths) with the McKnew Rd development.  Currently I have no problems bicycling with a kids trailer heading eastbound on MD-198 for the short stretch to get to the Cedar Tree Rd turn off.  There is a wide shoulder and I'm riding with traffic.  Unfortunately, without a side path completed, I'm forced to take the kids-in-tow down McKnew Rd, wait at the light to make the left turn with traffic (the cross walk here is not useable for a bike and trailer since a lightpost and cement curbs block safe access) and ride about 1/4 mile with trucks and speeding cars before I can attempt to cross back at a non-signaled intersection (Dino Dr) to get on the side path.

The completion of this side path will enable this community to easily connect with the Burtonsville Town Center.

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